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How Lolly Can Give You the Capabilities to Overcome the Challenges of Influencer Marketing

November 30, 2022

Understanding which capabilities will provide the most value to your influencer programme this holiday season could mean the difference between a successful holiday campaign and a lump of coal for the performance of your Campaign. We already addressed how problems such as selecting the correct influencers, managing them, monitoring effectiveness, and capacity may loom over your Christmas plan in our previous post - but don't lose your merry spirit just yet! 

The following capabilities were developed to address these issues, allowing your brand to relax and enjoy some potent ROI-flavored egg nog. 

  1. Overcoming the difficulty of identifying the correct influencer 

Finding the right influencers without process automation could take weeks or even months for just a few potential creators. Holiday timing is critical, and the best time to start looking for creators for your holiday campaign. 

Automation tools allow marketers and brands to find creators based on characteristics that have an impact on their strategy and help them grow their creator community. Influencers who understand your business’ target audience and share your brand values make the best partners. You might find one or two good potential creators to work with after sifting through social feeds for days, but with advanced search capabilities, you'll have access to millions of creators in seconds. 

Data-driven influencers Locate influencers by area, age, keyword, social network, followers, sentiments, engagement rate, cost, or audience insights. Collaboration with the most relevant influencers will result in higher-performing content and more targeted messaging. 

Automated finding tools instantly help with custom invitations, you can automatically add potential influencers to custom invites at a scale. This will save you time and organize conversations in one place, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and tedious excel spreadsheets can no longer be a task.   

  1. Managing and compensating influencers 

Managing an influencer campaign is a difficult task. For many marketers, the mechanics of compensating and managing content creators divert attention away from strategy and innovation driving them away from reaching their objectives. 

Briefs, contracts, and communication and so much more; every influencer partnership can seem like an endless puzzle which requires hands-on planning ahead of time.  For contracts that require a significant amount of time, creators will have varying rates and specific requirements. Briefs must be comprehensive, such that the  the content matches your brand's desired voice, tone, and values while also adhering to FTC guidelines. When you think you've figured out everything, a full inbox of creator communication indicates that the puzzle has changed. 

Campaign Execution With so many working components during the holidays, managing each influencer at a minute scale to ensure they have completed their tasks is extremely important and a full-time task in itself. 

  1. Campaign performance evaluation 

Planning and Managing For marketers involved in influencer campaigns, seamlessly planned and managed campaigns with built-in workflows can feel like a big sigh of relief. Once the more mundane campaign tasks are automated, you'll notice more energy directed toward larger projects and more meaningful steps taken toward meeting critical campaign milestones. 

Prepping the Campaign With Lolly, you can pre-plan the major components of your campaign. This helps brands stick to their goals and KPIs, set realistic timeframes, and modify strategy based on how well or poorly the performance is going. 

Workflow automation You can use workflow automation to send content briefs at spectrum and see who has or hasn't completed all required actions. The platform will also send notifications of when a problem gets resolved and displays all posted content in one place. This ensures that the posts go live well around the due date and in proper queue giving you enough time to be spent on more strategic initiatives which add more value to your brand. 

  1. Examining Capacity and Creativity 

Expertly Managed Services During the holidays, everyone could use a bit of extra help. You may want to broaden your campaign, diversify the types of initiatives you run, or provide general assistance. With the help of a diligent services team, you can raise your goals and overcome obstacles to your success. 

Capacity With most teams preoccupied with various activities during the holidays, an extra set of hands is always a savior. Lolly's services can assist you manage your campaigns or even run them entirely on their own. There's no reason to limit your campaign goals to only your team can handle. 

Creativity You may have big or small goals, and our expert services team can guide you maximize your team's performance, and carefully provide inputs to craft a highly impactful campaign. Needless to mention, the holidays come with a lot of brands competing for sponsored content. By utilizing the expertise of Lolly, your services team could help you stand out from the rest and even help your campaign go viral. 

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