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Top 4 Influencer Marketing Challenges that Brands Face During the Holiday Season 

November 29, 2022

The holidays may seem distant to many, but not to marketers. The holiday season has already begun for those in the influencer marketing industry. While holidays are a time for family and fun, they also bring with them a number of influencer campaign goals and challenges. Influencer marketing platforms like Lolly have features designed to make your job easier and help brands achieve their objectives, but in the context of holiday campaigns, some features are more important than others. 

Influencer marketing can provide tremendous returns on your advertising investment. However, there are certain obstacles that a brand must overcome before it is ready to engage in it. Many businesses have hopped on the influencer marketing bandwagon without giving it much thought, and as a result, many businesses have had forgettable, ineffective, and costly experiences. 

For starters let’s first identify 4 of the most common challenges which brands face while planning an influencer marketing program: 

  1. The first challenge is identifying the relevant influencers. 

Finding the greatest influencers for your brand is an age-old dilemma in the influencer marketing industry. The perfect collaboration can add a lot of value to your brand, but the poor one can be just as bad for your campaign. The difficulty of this work is heightened by the holidays, when both marketers and influencers are overburdened and many influencers are hired for other initiatives. 

  1. The second challenge is to manage and compensate influencers. 

Managing an influencer campaign is a difficult task. For many marketers, the mechanics of rewarding and managing creators divert attention away from strategy and innovation in order to reach their objectives. 

  1. Measuring the campaign performance is the third and one of the most critical challenges. 

The ideal way to detect if your campaign is succeeding is to actually be able to see if your campaign is succeeding. While it may appear pretty straightforward, marketers understand that it is easier said than done. Metrics must be updated daily for proper performance analysis and projection, and this procedure is frequently prone to errors. Holidays should be spent with family, not hastily scanning post data when your boss asks "how are the campaigns performing?" at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday. 

  1. Checking for Capacity and creativity is the fourth challenge  

Your campaign may have lofty holiday objectives, but you may have only a handful of people to achieve them. With vacations and restricted team capacity, marketers face a significant difficulty in achieving the goals they've set. 

Now that you’ve identified the common challenges that brands face, in our next article on How Lolly can give you the capabilities to overcome challenges of Influencer Marketing, we’ll be featuring the ways of understanding and overcoming these issues and running a successful campaign this holiday season. So, if you want to ramp up your business ROI with no compromise, stay tuned!