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Why Lolly?

Promote your Brand’s Prominence with curated Influencers

Lolly helps you to search and find the best fit influencers and their authentic followers, which enables you to promote your product to the right audience and get the highest engagement.

Meet Lolly


Access over 10 Million+ Influencers

Easily discover right influencers for your brand. Our comprehensive database and smart filters helps you to search influencers, as well as their audience’s demographics to make sure your brand’s message reaches to the right audience.

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Manage your Relationships with an in-built CRM

Connect with your favourite influencers at scale and manage the hiring process through our in-built CRM which can be customised and automated according to your workflow.

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Your Ultimate content Management Solution

Streamline the content approval process and save hours of manual work involved in maintaining ineffective spreadsheets. Switch to easy and prompt content management solution.

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Track and Measure Influencer Campaigns’ ROI Efficiently

Lolly provides a real time tracking and reporting platform to track the performance of the campaign and getting insights which will help in making better marketing decisions.

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Manage your Influencer Payments Seamlessly

Manage all your payments in one place with the help of the fully encrypted payment solution provided by Lolly.

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Centralised Tracking of your Tasks

Manage all your influencer job offers and tasks’ progress through one single platform like sending tasks, reviewing progress and the content approval process.

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