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Will AI Take Your Marketing Job?

May 11, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, and it has really started driving the marketing automation industry.
Now, the debatable question arises –   “Can AI replace you?” Well, we think AI could redefine your marketing job. Read on as we explain how…

AI in Marketing

Today, arguably the most effective way to perform digital marketing is through AI and machine learning, with a focus on areas such as:

  • Predicting customer behaviour
  • Monitoring Social Media interactions
  • Tailoring promotions

Customer data is high increasing every second and ‘Roughly half of global marketing professionals have adopted AI to help with data analysis.’- Statista

Basically, the two main uses of Artificial intelligence, in general, are data analysis and task automation – which are carried out based on the results. Additional applications include:

  • Marketing personalisation
  • Audience identification
  • E-mail campaign automation
  • Customer service automation


Can AI Replace You?

Now that we understand some of the uses of AI, let’s answer the question: “Can AI replace you?”

AI is here to stay, in a meaningful way.

Right now, the future for digital marketers may feel uncertain. The rise in marketing automation, however, has certainly increased the demand for roles such as social media marketers and SEO specialists across business niches.

Most marketers spend their days achieving repetitive traditional tasks. For these tasks, perhaps professional marketers are delighted to have AI as a helping hand. AI can – and will – easily take over these tasks with automation tools. Some of these tasks include:

  • New campaigns activity suggestions
  • Discovering relevant and trending hashtags
  • Uploading scheduled posts automatically
  • A/B split testing different variants
  • Personalised experiences
  • Recommended content based on personal preferences

Marketers who embrace AI technology rather that perceiving it as a threat can truly advance their marketing efforts.  AI has the potential to save marketers valuable time, allowing them to focus on other aspects of marketing, such as strategic planning.

Broadly yes, eventually AI could replace lower skilled roles. On the bright side, a new career sector is created. This provides an exciting opportunity for current employees to boost other skills, further motivating them to deal with more cognitive challenges.
In short, AI technology can be considered as a support for staff:

The banking industry relies heavily on machine learning and, until today, the industry’s employment rate has not been negatively affected.

Can AI Be Creative?

It is safe to say that AI can help with automation and marketing decisions by performing complex, analytical tasks. The question now is whether AI can, or cannot, replace your marketing role in terms of creativity.
Marketing isn’t all about the data. Creativity also plays a huge role.

“Can we take what humans think is beautiful and creative and try to put that into an algorithm? I don’t think it’s going to be possible for quite a while” – Jason Toy, CEO, Somatic

In the near future, we believe Artificial intelligence will be creative as well.
Here at Filed, Dexter (our AI optimisation engine) can provide recommendations on what sort of content will visually appeal to a specific target audience.
This is done with our machine learning algorithms. Thousands of data points are gathered and analysed over a period of time to effectively produce these recommendations, quicker and more effective than a human can.

On the other hand, all this automation can only be activated when a digital marketing strategy is put in place and created by a professional, who decides which metrics to track. Therefore, the more that companies invest in marketing automation, the higher the demand for roles such as content creation and strategy services.
AI currently can’t replace designers, composers or photographers. However AI does make a creative teams’ work life easier by augmentation. Allowing them to focus their creatives based on recommendations that are most likely to drive results, rather than experimenting multiple ideas.

Can You Stay Relevant?

Marketing roles are definitely revolutionising, and traditional marketing roles need to be built with new digital knowledge.
To stay as an in-demand marketer you must learn new skills – and learn them fast! There are several ways you can stay ahead of the game.


Always continue to educate yourself

The best way to enhance your knowledge and boost your career is by getting certified with some great online courses.
In this age, the internet is filled with information. Do your research (on trusted resources) and soak up all the new knowledge. Some great certifications are: Facebook Blueprint, Google analytics, Hootsuite and many more.


Constantly improve your technical abilities

We live in a world that is run by data! So, building on your analytical skills is essential.
As mentioned earlier, AI will be used to identify and recommend the most relevant groups to target, and with what types of content.
Having said that, it’s not all about producing engaging content. Think about how well you can read and understand the data. How can you utilise these results in order to create the right content?
If you analyse your data properly, you will be able to create the most optimum content, for the appropriate audiences.


Identify the problem

A personalised customer service is highly expected by today’s demanding clients.
Here at Filed, we ensure our customers are provided with a seven-star customer service from our in-house Facebook experts.
Successful marketers have mastered the art of being able to recognise and understand key challenges that AI can’t solve but can potentially learn how to solve. They, therefore, build their marketing and business strategies according to advancing AI.
AI continuously learns and develops itself, so why not help it advance at your benefit?


Ready or Not – AI is here to make your life easier

AI marketing automation is here to help marketers decrease the amount of time spent on mechanical, time-consuming task – whilst also helping to deeply understand their customers.
However, it’s questionable whether Artificial intelligence could ever replace the emotional human-touch that successful marketing needs.

The roles of all marketers have already changed from what it used to be a few years ago.

The faster the industry grows; the quicker marketers need to update their knowledge and skills to avoid being replaced by technology.
What are you waiting for? Advancing your expertise is an exciting opportunity and allows you to breakthrough respective, boring tasks to thrilling new, creative tasks.
Let everyday be different for you as digital marketer.