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Why influencer marketing is so important for brands?

May 11, 2022

Since its inception, influencer marketing has proven to be a successful strategy for many brands. The strategy once thought of as a fad has taken on an entirely new meaning in digital marketing. Influencer marketing involves marketing through influential individuals who might persuade the purchasing decisions of customers. More than 80% of brands will incorporate at least one influencer marketing campaign into their strategies in 2022, according to recent studies.

Successful influencer marketing strategies can be an invaluable tool for brands seeking to boost consumer trust, brand awareness, and other benefits. We have identified 5 key benefits of influencer marketing, which we have summarized below:

Vast visibility and reach– A brand can reach out to a larger target audience through influencer marketing. In today’s marketing environment, influencer marketing can help brands overcome a lot of obstacles other mediums face. Despite knowing no one personally, almost 95% of people trust recommendations made by influencers over suggestions made by brands or companies.

A cost-effective model– According to recent research, influencer marketing appears to be more effective and efficient than other marketing techniques for reaching out to an audience and achieving sales. Influencers have a natural ability to direct their audiences towards a product or service.

Nearly half of today’s consumers rely on ‘influencer’ recommendations, and a staggering 40% of respondents say they bought something after seeing it pushed or recommended on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

Advertising isn’t blocked- With the widespread use of ad blockers, as well as consumers’ general dislike of obvious advertisements, influencer marketing gives businesses a non-intrusive way to interact with customers. A lot of potential buyers have ad-blocking software installed whereas influencer marketing gets around this by appealing to the consumer’s interests and sending a relevant message.

Brand Awareness gets boosted by influencers– It creates instant credibility for a brand when a celebrity, influencer, or top industry expert posts content about them on social media. An influencer endorsed product will foster a substantially higher level of trust.

Influencer marketing has a long-term payoff– Influencer marketing is a strategy that takes time to develop. You shouldn’t anticipate a significant rise in sales from a single influencer post (unless that influencer is macro). However, it can also aid in search engine optimization and other marketing dynamics with a feedback loop.