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Social Commerce and Influencer Marketing

May 11, 2022

What is Social Commerce?

Social Commerce is a new phenomenon, part of the eCommerce umbrella.

It’s an online selling strategy that takes place on social media platforms where instead of redirecting the audience to another platform for the purchase, one can buy from the social platform itself.

Platforms that support Social Commerce


Research conducted by Instagram discovered that 81% of its users search about products and services and more than 130 million users per month tap on their shop button.

Instagram allows you to sell only on an IG business page that’s connected with Facebook as well. A brand can use various IG online shopping promotional methods… some of them are as follows; Shoppable Posts, Shoppable Stories, Product Stickers, Explore Tab Shopping, IGTV Shopping, Instagram Reels Shopping. Taking advantage of such a variety, brands can utilize the vast demand for products whilst creating a frictionless process for anyone being exposed to influencer marketing.


It’s a mobile-first shopping experience for audiences who purchase via Facebook Ads. Facebook shops are customizable and allow eCommerce business owners to create a social store for free.


A newer platform and increasingly successful for influencer marketing. The platform is looking for more ways to monetize the platform, one of which is allowing users to sell and buy through them. In the year 2021, it launched Seller University too, a release aimed at teaching its users how to do business on the site.


Pinterest has been a shopping inspiration for years. It gives a choice to upload product catalogues and have a ‘shop the look’ feature on the platform. A business account can also be used for shopping completion too.


Influencers take advantage of the AR features (augmented reality) on Snapchat to promote a brand’s product. These features are a virtual way to showcase the look of a product.

Twitter has had on-platform shopping features for years. In recent changes, Twitter allows advertisers to create promotions and share them with Twitter users.

Does your target audience hang out on any of these sites?

How to make the best use of Social Commerce?

With the advent of social commerce, it seems like influencers of social media platforms could hold the key to a brand’s audience’s journey from discovery to conversion.

Choosing influencers for your social commerce campaign is a good way to do ‘shoppertainment’ – the goal of which is to draw shoppers into purchasing from the online store by offering interactive and engaging activities.

The most common trend of social commerce is the demand and popularity of Micro-influencers. According to research, more followers does not mean more success for social commerce campaigns. Many micro-influencers can influence an audience. This strategy tends to be more cost-effective, with greater engagement.

The Challenge

With the rapid growth of social commerce, it may make it difficult to know which platform, influencer or technology is best for the campaign’s ROI.

The Solution

If you are a brand looking for Micro-influencers to help you with social commerce strategies, you can grow your influencer marketing campaigns using the Filed Social software. We house impressive influencers with whom you can build a genuine connection.

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