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    Find your perfect influencers!

    Invite creators to work directly with your brand at scale from the world’s most comprehensive database.

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    Use Lolly CRM to communicate with your creators using full automation to eliminate that manual work.

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    Manage Campaigns

    Centralise all your campaign management and reporting in one solution.

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Ivy Bell

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The influencer content we receive is of astonishing quality. No need to sacrifice quality for quantity in this situation! Both are yours.

Bailey Smith

Influencer Marketing Manager

An extremely user-friendly platform with a wide range of features, excellent customer support, and ongoing innovation.

Anderson Brown

Marketing Co-ordinator

The interface is very simple and allows me to complete influencer marketing in a frictionless flow

Commonly asked questions

Can I discover the perfect influencers on Lolly?

Absolutely! Lolly's comprehensive database includes influencers from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, all boasting over 1K followers.

Within these criteria, you'll find exactly what suits your needs, such as:
- Influencers in any location, be it a specific city or country.
- Influencers in diverse niches or categories.
- Influencers of various audience sizes.

However, for a truly successful influencer marketing strategy, ask yourself: Will I connect with creators who resonate with my target audience? To that, we confidently say: Yes, that's the Lolly approach! Instead of solely concentrating on your niche, shift your focus towards the influencer's audience – that's where the real magic happens."

How do you acquire your data, and how reliable is it?

Much like Google, Lolly gathers and scrutinizes publicly accessible content to create insightful data.

Our data boasts remarkable accuracy. Several of the fastest-growing B2C companies worldwide have chosen Lolly over competing options after rigorously assessing our data quality. We update it several times each month, guaranteeing you access to the most current and trustworthy information available."

Can I access influencer analytics and performance metrics on your platform?

Absolutely. We strive to provide comprehensive insights into influencer profiles, including their audience composition.

In Lolly, you can explore a wide array of metrics, including but not limited to: ‍
- Audience demographics (Age, Gender, Location by city, interests)
- Influencer performance (Follower count, Average likes, Engagement rate, Past Paid Post Performance)
- Vetting (Popular posts, fake followers) ‍ To unlock the full spectrum of analytics, give Lolly a try for free."

Do you offer any advanced search options for more specific influencer discovery?

Yes, we offer advanced search options for those looking for influencers with highly specialized criteria. Contact our support team to access these advanced features.

How do I save and organize my favorite influencers for future reference?

You can save influencers to your favorites list or create custom lists to organize them based on different campaigns or criteria. It's a handy feature for efficient influencer management.

Do you impose any restrictions?

While our search capabilities are extensive, we do have limits in place for detailed profiles, emails, and monitoring. You can find detailed information about these limits on our pricing page."

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