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What does Sansa do?

Sansa backs you up with one stop powerful solution that enables you to find creators you can trust & build relationships with, expand your brand awareness, increase conversions, and measure results all at one place.

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Improvise your ROI with the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Your Search Expert

Accelerate your influencer search process by using our easy filtering system to search our comprehensive database of over 10 Million+ influencers and get your ideal influencers in no time.

Integrated CRM

Our in-built CRM solution offers you to connect, manage, and hire the influencers at scale with automated workflows.

Achieve analytical precision

Use our solution to audit campaigns' performance in detail. Gain insight on the performance of every post, keeping track of your total expenditures, CPE, CPM, EMV, and ROI.

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Youth Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities


Businesses earn 6x for each dollar spent on influencers, with some seeing as much as 18x


People Trust Social Networks to Guide Purchasing Decisions

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