Accelerate your PPC & Social ads, with AI.

Dexter, your AI-backed marketing assistant to empower you to create, manage, and optimize ad campaigns at scale across multiple channels.

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All in One Advertising Platform

Make Digital Ads Profitable

Dexter by Lolly is an AI-backed omni channel marketing platform that helps you create – analyze & optimize your digital campaigns to make your ads profitable

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Build High Performing Campaigns in Minutes with AI

Create high performing personalized ads in minutes using smart automations & dynamic template library. Write like a world-class copywriter & stand out from the crowd, using AI.

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Automate your Campaign Optimization Based on Data

Imagine a team of elite marketers optimizing your ad campaigns 24x7 - that’s Dexter. Using Machine Learning, Dexter analyzes your data constantly and gives you recommendations on how you can make your campaigns better.

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Visualize Cross-Platform Data in a Centralized Platform

Understand your performance across all your channels in one location. Gain valuable insights into the metrics that matter the most to you, and leverage data to make valuable decisions to maximize marketing performance.

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Scale like a boss and watch your sales soar with the world’s most powerful influencer marketing tool.