Dexter, your AI marketing expert

Imagine having a marketing expert working on your campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well, now you can!

Dexter takes mediocre campaigns and makes them spectacular.

Dexter uses AI to drive performance and lower costs. Using a combination of Lolly’s marketing expertise and advance data analysis, our technology generates recommendations to deliver industry-leading results.

Use the strategy designed by market leading experts

Dexter delivers insights into how the best marketing team in the world works. It will come up with structure improvements, and optimization ideas and work tirelessly to eliminate wasted ad budget.

Improving multi-channel performance

By analyzing your campaigns across all channels, Dexter will give you the insights required to accurately allocate your budget across each channel, delivering you the highest ROI on your ad spend in real-time.

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Join our all in one marketing solution that drives performance