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Dexter, your marketing assistant powers you to create, manage, and optimize high-performing ad campaigns at scale across multiple channels.

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Why Dexter?

Connect all your data to create one source of truth

With the amount of data available today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make accurate decisions across different channels. Dexter helps you find the right opportunities and decisions to be made to maximize your business potential.

Meet Dexter


Turbocharged personalized ads and high-performing campaigns using Dexter

Using our smart automation and dynamic template library to design tailored ads and images, Dexter AI can also help you write like a world-class copywriter to stand out from the crowd. Guided campaign creation to save you time, help you make better decisions, and find you new opportunities to scale your business.

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Harnessing data to drive campaign performance

Dexter will analyze all your data in real-time to identify patterns to drive campaign performance. Leveraging your existing audience data or your input, Dexter will help you explore new audiences and opportunities to enhance your business across all channels.

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Centralizing your intelligence

Understand your performance and customers across all your channels in one location. Gain valuable insights into the metrics that matter the most to you, allowing you to leverage data to make valuable decisions and maximize marketing performance.

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You sell the products, we optimize them

Activate your product content across every digital channel with a single integrated platform.

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What feature solution does Dexter offer?

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Multi Channel Optimisation

Utilise AI software to drive performance and lower costs. Using our marketing experience and big data analytics, our system generates recommendations to deliver industry-leading results

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Account Manager

On-board and agree on creatives at scale. Our platform is purposely designed so that you will only receive content you actually want, generating the results you need.

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Advanced Reporting

Create in-depth, user-friendly reports that provide deep insights into the performance of your campaigns, across all platforms in real-time.

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Our AI Copywriting technology has been created by some of the worlds best Ad Copywriters. Giving you the ability to create high performing Ad Copy without requiring the expertise to do so. Sit back and Let our AI do the work for you.

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Creative Builder

Streamline your creative process by using our creative builder. Edit and build unique creatives without the need of a designer.

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Feed Manager

Deploy top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored and optimized for channels and audiences.

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