About us

I am Lolly

Here at Lolly, we have one goal and one vision in mind, that’s to get our clients the results they are looking for.

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About Us

We have built a world class team of some of the world’s leading marketing experts, who between them have spent over $500 million on digital advertising. Their collective expertise combined with our highly talented engineering team, deliver unparalleled results to our clients.

Lolly’s Values

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Built for our Users

Everything we do here at Lolly is with our Users in Mind. Built by Marketers for Marketers. This is our core value

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Driven By Data

We drive our decisions based on Data, by centralising intelligence Lolly works towards optimising performance.

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Striving for Excellence

Always looking to be one step ahead, finding innovative solutions to improve our Technology and give our users that competitive edge.

Lolly’s History

Everything we do, we put people at the heart of our business. We work alongside our clients to keep our technology evolving so that we can help you constantly stay ahead of the game. This gives our clients a substantial competitive advantage.

Our Products


Dexter, your marketing assistant powers you to create, manage, and optimize high-performing ads campaigns at scale across multiple channels.

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Sansa, a one-stop influencer marketing solution that enables you to find creators you can trust and expand your brand awareness with.

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We can help you


Reduction in time building and managing campaigns


Generated in revenue from AI powered campaigns.


Up to improved returns on investment.

Need Help?

Speak to one of our experts and we will solve your problem.


We can help you to grow your business or answer any question that you have.

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Feel free to contact us on your queries and we will make sure to get back to you shortly!

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Join our all in one marketing solution that drives performance.